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Taciano Messias Moraes

MS in Software Management at Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley (NASA campus) with Fulbright Scholarship. Works as Product Manager at UFG Media Lab, as Associate Consultant at SpendFocus (SP) and teaches Digital Entrepreneurship at UFG as a Guest Professor.

Interned as Product Manager at Coupa (California), considered as a "unicorn" startup (valued in more than U$1B) and one of the most successful in B2B in the Silicon Valley.

8 years experience in Analysis, Development and Testing of web systems and sites, specializing in Planning, Process, Management and trainings in ITIL, Communication and Organizational Psychology.

Curator and organizer of 8 TEDx events, coordinating and leading teams of around 50 people. Selected for a full scholarship in TEDxSummit - World Meeting of TEDx organizers - which took place in Doha, Qatar.

Worked on the development and testing of an enormous Distance Learning platform for the Brazilian Ministry of Education; started two open source projects and worked as volunteer for 3 non-profit institutions.

Have parallel projects in areas such as Photography, Music and Filming (being semi-finalist in a short movies festival), and interest in Psychology, Communication, Web Marketing and Entrepreneurship.


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